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Submitted by Spinda

  1. Larvitar: Mommy, can I have a cookie? Tyranitar: Be quiet, child. I'm about to Hyper Beam the crap out this poacher. by laironlover77
  3. Tyranitar: Congratulations. Your trainer ID exactly matches today's winning numbers. I'm out of prizes, so take my child. by
  4. Larvitar: Hug me! Tyranitar: Touch my kid and you die. by Utack and Swampy
  5. It's dangerous to go alone, take this! by The Macintosh Ninja: SOH CAH TOA
  6. Rather than putting "Have you seen my baby?" signs, Tyranitar is stapling REAL Larvitars to Phone Polls by Blazemaster26: 80's Addicted
  7. tyranitar: I found it in my box of cereal. ;-; by laironlover77
  8. Momma Tyranitar is not amused. by
  9. Larvitar: We're breaking the fourth wall! :D by
  10. Ash: Wow , Thats one ugly kid... Tyranitar: Hey! Thats my baby! Ash: Oops...sorry i didnt know you were the father... Tyranitar: IM THE MOTHER! Ash: Oops...Sorry , well at least you have a healty young boy Tyranitar: THATS A GIRL! Ash: Dang it! by Limited
  11. Tyranitar: Alright, show me on this Larvitar doll where Brock touched you. by RedFox
  12. Larvitar:I'm a Tyranniboah! Tyrannitar: I thought I told you never to use that word around the house. by Skarmory8
  13. Tyranitar: Trade this for your cookies? by Limited
  14. Tyranitar: Come to the dark side...we have adorable babies. by sunshine188
  15. Tyranitar: Give me the cookies or I will kill your friend. Ash: Kill him. He's not with me. by Objection
  16. Tyranitar is unimpressed with your pokémon trade. by Sebastian Moran
  17. Tyranitar loves you and wants you to have her babies. by Sebastian Moran
  18. Larvitar: when I grow up, I want to see a pokemon trainer in every zoo. by Extra PKMN Power!
  19. You complete me. I love you, Mini Me. by Spartacus
  20. Give 100 Yen a month and you could rescue baby Larvitars like this from being eaten by their parents. by safari_zone_addict