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You did... WHAT?

Submitted by AlanaPasco

  1. And that's what happened when the Gang discovered FanFiction... by Umby2000
  2. TV Producer: I just wanted to tell you all that you've been cancelled.... except for Brock. He gets his own spin-off show. by RedFox
  3. Brock and Nurse Joy are out of shot having "mommy and daddy" time. by
  4. Ash & Co. used Fourth Wall Break! It's super effective! by Nocturne
  5. The gang's reaction to Brock opening his eyes. by Laprabi
  6. Ash:...What's that Wailord doing to that Skitty? by jagabor
  7. "...That's it. We're NEVER watching a Twilight film EVER AGAIN." by MzLuluZombi
  8. Brock: April Fools! I put Hot Sauce in your Milkshakes! >D by Umby2000
  9. Ash: Brock, why are you naked? D: by laironlover77
  10. Max: What's Brock doing? May: Don't look at it Max!!! by Chary
  11. Rule 34 strikes again. by The Macintosh Ninja: SOH CAH TOA
  12. I don't even want to know what Brock is doing... by Lin
  13. Looks like nobody taught Ash&friends how Pokemon eggs are made. by laironlover77
  14. Lately the captions have been staring at us. THIS IS A SIGN TO GET OUTSIDE. by
  15. ash and co. finally understood the mudkipz joke. by IamTheSovereign
  16. Somewhere far away, Misty is thinking, "I wonder what Brock ever did with those raindrop shaped mind-control devices I gave him..." by sunshine188
  17. It finally occured to everyone just how ridiculous thier show really is. by laironlover77
  18. They have just seen the Rocketshipping caption contest. by shadowaker
  19. Everyone's pupils have been replaced with the eyeballs of Pikachus by jagabor
  20. They just found out who Ash's Dad REALLY is... by Umby2000