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Submitted by AlanaPasco

  1. Ash: But if you rewind this scene, I look like I'm saving Pikachu. =D Police: ¬.¬;; by Umby2000
  2. Ash's reenactment of the opening of 'The Lion King' went horribly wrong...... by RedFox
  3. Pikachu found out he wasn't going to be in Isshu before getting the national dex. by
  4. You see? The Mysterious hand isn't always giving out strange food and drink. Sometimes it takes the time to save lives. by laironlover77
  5. Pikachu found out that Jersey Shore was getting a second season. by Apprentice
  6. As usual Ash comes along and dramatically saves the day, blah, blah, blah... by SkyForme
  7. Narrator: Will Ash save Pikachu? You're gonna have to tune in to find ou...oh who are we kidding? Of course he does! by SkyForme
  8. The contracts on Pokemon are very strict. The only way you get out of them is by flinging yourself off a cliff and hoping for the worst. by laironlover77
  9. Pikachu was about to realise that the cliff was two foot tall. by Umby2000
  10. Pikachu used FLY! ...or so he thought. by
  11. Pikachu was willing to do anything to get away from Ash's idiocy. by laironlover77
  12. Ash: Pikachu NOOOOO!! D: *grabs* Pikachu: DAMMIT. SO CLOSE. by laironlover77
  13. Alternate ending to "Pikachu's Goodbye" by jagabor
  14. Needless to say, Pikachu did not like the way Lost ended. by MzLuluZombi
  15. And you wonder why Brock was in the show so long... Ash's cooking IS that bad! by Umby2000
  16. Ash: Stop upstaging me! Piakchu: No! Ash: *drops* by Crisps
  17. Pikachu: JUST LEAVE ME ALONE, GOD! by
  18. Pikachu attempted suicide after seeing all of the overused Twilight jokes in previous captions. by MzLuluZombi
  19. Pikachu doesn't like Musicals. by Umby2000
  20. NO! I MUST HAVE THE PIE~ by PiePiyo