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mysterious lightling bolt ruined the moment...

Submitted by AlanaPasco

  1. Oh yeah, Birch, cover your face with your arm, that'll be a big help when you're being attacked by LIGHTNING. by laironlover77
  2. God was not an AdvanceShipper... by Angelic Lapras King
  3. I think someone's trying to return Ash to his Pokeball. D: by laironlover77
  4. May:A Zapdos! Aren't you gonna catch it Ash? Ash: No. I never catch anything rare or legendary by SailorEarth2000
  5. Editors: What? Ash and May that close together?! No, we can't have that, people will think they're in a realtionship! *draws in lightning bolt* by laironlover77
  6. Zeus sends his regards to the cast of Pokemon. by laironlover77
  7. Editor: Gasp! AdvanceShipping! *Adds Thunderbolt* by Chary
  8. Art Director: Alright! Who ripped this scene in half!? by Chary
  9. Brock lies dead on the floor. No one is bothered. by Shaymin
  10. May: Oh god what is that!? Birch: God save us all. Ash: It's... It's... Generation V! -cue dramatic lightning bolt- by
  11. Apparently, Pikachu hates Advancedshipping... by Chary
  12. Pikachu: Toasty. by Shaymin
  13. When Advanceshipping started to become popular, Misty decided to get an uber powerful Chinchou. by MzLuluZombi
  14. Advanceshipping: Pokeshippers with Pikachus do not approve. by MzLuluZombi
  15. When they tried to find a rare Zigzagoon, a common Zapdos appeared. by Backabum
  16. Arceus: NO. THERE IS NO LVOE IN THIS SERIES. *thunderbolt* by laironlover77
  17. And the fans wondered why AdvanceShipping never worked. >.> by Umby2000
  18. Ash: I suppose I should show an emotion right now...but I don't feel like it. by jagabor
  19. Brock got cranky when he ate too much Hot Sauce. by Umby2000
  20. This summer was so hot, it literally began to burn this caption away. by Utack and Swampy