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Armpit of Doom

Submitted by Angelic Lapras King

  1. Ash: REVEAL TRAP CARD! by Angelic Lapras King
  2. ASH used SKY UPPERCUT! by shadowaker
  3. OBJECTION! by Angelic Lapras King
  4. Ash: Sniff it, I dare you! by Shaymin
  5. OBJECTION! by
  6. Ash was upset because Zorro had apparently left his mark on his face. by RedFox
  7. Ash: FALCOOOONNNNNN....... by RedFox
  8. It's not fully visible, but Ash is holding Skitty over his head and is about to throw it to a Gyarados. That's what May gets for making him late for another Gym match. by Crisps
  9. ASH used SMELLY PITS EVERYONE fainted! by
  10. Pikachu: Please, somebody save me! He smells. ;-; by laironlover77
  11. Ash: OH GOD MY ARM! IT'S NOT SUPPOSED TO BEND LIKE THAT! D: by laironlover77
  12. "To always feel 100% fresh and dry, Ash Ketchum only uses Sure." Pikachu: ...You wear woman's deodorant? by SkyForme
  13. Lynx Deodorant! So you can AVOID looking like this! by MzLuluZombi
  14. Ash: You too could achieve my amazing scent with Axe bodyspray. Pikachu: Aw hell no. D: by laironlover77
  15. Ash: YOURS IS THE DRILL THAT WILL PIERCE THE-- Pikachu: Wrong show, Ash... by SilverHeartStar
  16. Ash just found out that Item Ball was actually a Voltorb. ... Again. by Crisps
  17. Ash: I challenge you to a Gym battle! Pikachu: You DO realize that you're in a bathroom, right? by Captain Jigglypuff
  18. And then everyone found out Ash used woman's deodorant. by laironlover77
  19. Ash isn't very good at flirting. by Umby2000
  20. Ash: More ovaltine please! by jjas132