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Submitted by RachelPiplupLover

  1. Brock: I'll give you 3 pokemon if you let me be in the Gen V anime, Ash. May: Oh yeah, I'll give you 4 pokemon! Max: If I turn Brock into my own elemental monkey, I can stick around, right? by RedFox
  2. May ponders her Pokemon training career. Meanwhile, Brock lives up to his nickname of "Brock Obama". by laironlover77
  3. May: We'll trade you all these Pokemon for a cameo in Best Wishes! by Angelic Lapras King
  4. Cool, Brock's gonna be Spock on Halloween this year. =D by MzLuluZombi
  5. World Record Attempt: Most Pok├ęballs Inserted Through The Ear by Crisps
  6. May: You see, this is actually quite normal where we come from. :D by laironlover77
  7. Brock: Wider! I wanna fly like that elephant! by Captain Jigglypuff
  8. "It's Elefun! The pokeball cachin' game!" by Sizacu
  9. Max: ARE YOU LISTENING TO ME Brock: I'm ALL EARS. hehehe by
  10. It turns out Brock is a major Trekkie by
  11. Max: Fly Brock fly! Fly like the wind! by Captain Jigglypuff
  12. Max: Flying my pretty, fly! >D by Umby2000
  13. This is Max's homage to the very first caption contest by
  14. When in doubt, steal your opponent's Pokemon. >=D by MzLuluZombi
  15. May: Ohey, Ash. We're just trying to see how many Pok├ęBalls we can fit inside Brock's ears. by Crisps
  16. Brock: I'm gonna eat these, wanna join me? :D by laironlover77
  17. May: Just walk away....walk away slowly.... by Chary
  18. Max isn't trying to pull Brock's ears, he's trying to push them back in. They truly have a life of their own. by Umby2000
  19. May: How many times have I told you? Stop ruining the christmas card shot! by SailorEarth2000
  20. Budget cuts meant May was a Cardboard Cut-Out in this scene. by Umby2000