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An Awkward Moment

Submitted by Wyraach Ur

  1. 4kids will probably replace this with a donut by jagabor
  2. James kind of fails at CPR. by laironlover77
  3. When Tickle Fights Go Wrong. Coming soon to a theatre near you. by
  4. James didn't want to pay for a proper neutering. by jjas132
  5. This time on Kanto CCTV! by Mew100
  6. "An Awkward Moment" May just be the understatement of the year here folks. by laironlover77
  7. James: *gasp* TAG! your it! whew! by aer_dingus
  8. ...Well, look on the bright side! At least it's a new caption :D by Utack and Swampy
  9. This is normal for Team Rocket's day off. by laironlover77
  10. Meowth: NO NO HIGHER. HIGHER JAMES. ;-; by laironlover77
  11. Jessie: I don't even WANT to know. by Shaymin
  12. Jessie: Meowth, if you don't cough up that riceball RIGHT NOW, I'll reach my hand down that throat of yours and GET IT MYSELF! James: I'll keep him still for you, Jessie! by MzLuluZombi
  13. Damn. This is so stupid that I don't know what to say. by Backabum
  14. james feels the baby kicking, whoaaa by aer_dingus
  15. Figures the Twerps would win in a fist fight against Team Rocket... by Angelic Lapras King
  16. 'Welcome to Kanto' by Utack and Swampy
  17. Jessie just wants none of that by laironlover77
  18. James used TICKLE ATTACK! >D by Umby2000
  19. Twister wasn't as fun when Team Rocket substituted the colour mat with a net. by MzLuluZombi
  20. Soemtimes you just have to learn when enough is enough. D: by laironlover77