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Budget Cuts

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  1. Well, that moustache isn't suspicious at all... by laironlover77
  2. ...They DO realise Hitler was German, right? by
  3. Welcome to City Wok! Can I recommend the City Sushi? by Angelic Lapras King
  4. We are Siamese, if you please. We are Siamese if you don't please. by jagabor
  5. Ash: Well, that strange little man with whiskers is certainly not Team Rocket's Meowth in disguise! :D by laironlover77
  6. Bet 4kids turned the popsicle stick into a jelly donut. by Ellipse
  7. Ash: That guy has a golden coin thing on his head, whiskers, paw hands and feet and if I look at my Pokedex, it says Meowth. What could that mean? by Nightmare Eater
  8. Ash: Hi extreemly short man with a coin on his head and fangs! Can I buy one of your Fortune Popsicles? Meowth: Of course dense young man. Here this one is half gone and the price is doubled. Ash: Hooray! :D by StormtheBuizel
  9. This episode is gonna offend so many people... by SkyForme
  10. I thought team rocket's disguises were bad enough. Now they go and dress up meowth as Hitler? by spider_princess
  11. Fix the economy or you will dress up as Hitler and whack yourself with a stick for money. by Fpb2014
  12. This is what happens when you let James design Team Rocket's disguises. by Skarmory8
  13. James: Now.. Say 'Good day! My name is Meowth!' Meowth: konnichiwa! Neko-neko sensei-chan desu! James: *facepalm* by Sizacu
  14. Meowth hit himself in it's confusion! Meowth took no damage! by tkt1780
  15. Why are you hitting yourself? Why are you hitting yourself? Why are you hitting yourself? by Fpb2014
  16. When the producers of Pokemon were forced to make budget cuts, Meowth's giant popsicles were the first things to go... by Ellipse
  17. After shooting this scene, the giant popsicle stick was edited in by 4kids. You don't even want to know how offending the OTHER side of Meowth's face was. by Ellipse
  18. Meowth celebrates his acquisition of both kinds of whiskers. by Ellipse
  19. Meowth hurt itself in it's confusion! by tkt1780