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Are you touching me?

Submitted by Laprabi

  1. Unfortunately, Ash had no idea what a conga line was. Dexter gave up explaining after the fifth attempt. by
  2. Misty doing some work on her Ash-bot. It malfunctioned when it came into contact with Dexter by jagabor
  3. Misty: "What do you mean we don't have any potions?" Ash: "I needed space for my pet rock" by
  4. Ash: Whoa, that was close! I almost stepped right off the edge of this cliff! Misty:...*shove* by jagabor
  5. Misty does the right thing, and pushes Ash off a cliff... by Angelic Lapras King
  6. Misty: Eek! Did you touch me? Ash: What the hell do you mean, you approached me! D= by jjas132
  7. Misty: Ash! Pikachu was just taken by Team Rocket! What are you going to do! Ash: Hang on, I forgot my lines again.... by RedFox
  8. Misty: What are you looking at? Is that me naked? You pervert! by Fpb2014
  9. Misty and Ash are playing cops and robbers. by Fpb2014
  10. Ash: *stares at May screensaver* Misty: Who is that girl? Are you cheating on me?!?!?! by Fpb2014
  11. Ash can't get his Dsi to work. Misty realizes that it has no cartridge inserted and goes searching for a cartridge inside Ash's bag. by
  12. Misty was getting tired of winding up the Eco-friendly ash robot by Tirael
  13. Ash: Huh, I didn't expect that to come up when I searched 'Pokeballs" Misty: OH MY GOD ASH WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING AT? by Danatales
  14. Misty: Dang. I have to change the batteries again? But they said they would last at least a month. by Okami-kohai
  15. Ash: *stares at Misty screensaver* Misty: Who is that girl? Ar you cheating on me?!?!?! by Fpb2014
  16. Ash: Hmm, my Pokedex says approaching a sleeping Rhydon is really dangerous. Misty: WHO CARES ABOUT DANGER? GO CHECK IT OUT! *shove* by laironlover77
  17. Misty did not respond very well when Ash attempted to scan her with the Pokedex by laironlover77
  18. Misty: Hey Ash, what's this white goop on your back... Pokedex: Caterpie's string shot is as sticky as flypaper, and as strong as 5 steel cables. Ash: Oh... Misty: DANGIT!!! by Utack and Swampy
  19. Misty: Ash! Someone approved replacing me!! Ash: (looking at mays resume) by Microscopic_smile
  20. Misty seems rather new to the whole backrub thing. by laironlover77