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I think we're lost...

Submitted by PokeSurfer

  1. Brock: Better put your green cap on Link. You have 3 days to stop the moon destroying us all. Max: I'm not Link... by Angelic Lapras King
  2. No, we meant the Team Galctic commanders, we didn't want the actuall Mars, Saturn and Jupiter! by lugia95
  3. Looks like the gang figured out how to get on the Space Shuttle in Ruby and Sapphire. by Danatales
  4. There's a simple explanation as to why the planets are so close. They've been shrunken, and put inside Earth. Planets within a planet. Planetception. by
  5. Clefable's Cosmic Power was starting to look a lot more intimidating by Tirael
  6. Ash drugged their food. by Fpb2014
  7. And that was why Ash was never allowed to read the map again by Danatales
  8. Brock:... how are we standing out here without space suits? D: by Danatales
  9. Max: THIS IS SCIENTIFICALLY IMPOSSIBLE THOSE PLANETS SHOULD NOT BE THAT CLOSE :T Brock: Max, we're standing out here without any protection whatsoever. Science is obviously nonexistent here by Danatales
  10. Ever wondered what happens to the characters that get kicked off the show? by spider_princess
  11. Looks like they blasted off instead of Team Rocket. by GiratinaPrincess
  12. When Brock's head aligns with the other planets, the prophecy shall be fulfilled! by
  13. Max: I'm no scientist, but should those planet be that close? by Angelic Lapras King
  14. Once again it is proven that pretty much everything in the pokemon universe defies science by Tirael
  15. Brock: See that planet in the middle, Max. That's where Ash and Pikachu are living now, all because they wrote us out of the show. by lugia95
  16. May: I think this is the place where they keep all of the characters who aren't on the show anymore, but were still popular. Brock:...Then why's Max here? by jagabor
  17. Brock: It's great that all the planets are out now, May. I've always wanted to see Uranus. by jagabor
  18. They've been lost before but this is ridiculous! by SailorEarth2000
  19. With thier ideas running low, the Pokemon produced just decided to drop everyone in space for the next season by Danatales
  20. This is where all of Ash's friends get put once they're out of the main series. by Utack and Swampy