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Nurse Joy is an angel?

Submitted by PokeSurfer

  1. Mario:Its-a me, mari- Ash: sorry, your princess is in another game Mario: FUUUUUUUUU- by Jarl ulfric stormcloak
  2. Ash: How many times are you gonna tell this story Brock!? Brock: Until it comes true... by Nightmare Eater
  3. Why did Brock put his Christmas Tree up so early? by jagabor
  4. Ash: It's amazing!! Brock: What, how beautiful she is? Ash: No, the fact PKMN.NET used another repeat caption! by lugia95
  5. Ash: Brock, change the channel already! by Skarmory8
  6. Quick, throw the pokeball before it flies away! by jagabor
  7. Ash: Déjà vu? What's that? Can I eat it" Brock: Ash, shut up while I try and remember what happened last time. I have a good feeling about this... by
  8. Somehow, I don't think Brock will mind this is a repeat caption. by Danatales
  9. What a conveniently placed Articuno. by Angelic Lapras King
  10. She was so beautiful, Brock was blinded and his eyes were sealed shut. by
  11. Ash: I wish Brock would stop suggesting this... by Nightmare Eater
  12. Brock's favorite reoccuring dream. by Danatales
  13. No, she's a vampire. by Sizacu
  14. Bowser: I have captured Princess Peach! Brock: No way, she's mine. by
  15. Death develops a disguise so cunning that Brock will never resist being taken away. by Catstorm
  17. Nurse Joy: Keeping the anime alive since 1990. by Utack and Swampy
  18. Brock on drugs by Fpb2014
  19. This is why you never have Brock write a show by Fpb2014
  20. The PKMN.NET logo is in heaven? by