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Freak show!

Submitted by PokeSurfer

  1. Ash: Maybe Team Rocket won't recognise us anymore. =D by Umby2000
  2. Ash: Hey kids! Ready for another seizure? by jagabor
  3. Someone's been drawing in the Union Room again. by MzLuluZombi
  4. After a night on the tiles, our heroes wake up to find themselves the latest victim of Tracey Sketchit's "I can't believe I got fired!" rampage... by Skarmory8
  5. Ash: Are we REDDY to catch 'em all? by
  6. Ash: Another artist got fired? Brock: Yup. by Angelic Lapras King
  7. Brock: It was great seeing Jigglypuff again. by jagabor
  8. Brock's feeling blue. by
  9. The aftermath of Tracey being kicked off the show. by Skarmory8
  10. Never mess with Smeargle. by
  11. The characters on Pokemon are so 2-diemnsional, sometimes the artists mistake them for part of the wall by Danatales
  12. Ash:... NOW I'M BEAUTIFUL :D by Danatales
  13. The Phantom Jigglypuff strikes again. by SilverHeartStar
  14. Ash: You may not have noticed, but I think you offended someone when you made that Smeargle egg group joke.... by Skarmory8
  15. Red, Blue, and Yellow... ...Gotta love Gen 1! by Utack and Swampy
  16. This is what happens when you make references to Red, Blue and Yellow in the anime! by Nightmare Eater
  17. Now I get why Ash was Red in HGSS. by
  18. Don't feel blue, Brock. by
  19. Pikachu wants a new job at Target! by Fpb2014
  20. Brock: This is my Wal-mart uniform. Ash: This is me and Pikachu's Target uniform! Misty: ...This is my Deoxys uniform... by StormtheBuizel