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I ate teh cookies

Submitted by Shiny Skitty

  1. And Nintendo finally run out of ideas for Pokémon evolutions. by
  2. Octillery is hiding from Joeno after double posting. by RachelPiplupLover
  3. try as they did, they just couldn't flush Octillery down the toilet. by aer_dingus
  4. The Sesame Street budget was low this season. by
  5. Wild Cookie Jar appeared! Go Octillery! Octillery used Mm, Cookies! Octillery ate all the Cookies. by The Librarian
  6. Octillery: They'll never take me alive... NEVER!!! by laironlover77
  7. Octillery got a little bit worried when its trainer looked at it and mumbled "Hmm, shushi" by The Librarian
  8. Warner Brothers scare me. by
  9. Ash played against Misty in pokemon chess. The Octillery pawn was about to be taken. by Sappy
  10. I'm hiding from 4kids. by
  11. Rnadom voice: "Under the sea, Under the sea~" Octillery: "Sssh! If we stay quiet they just might go away!" by pochama-chan
  12. After many years, Octillery was finally able to become just like his idol Lileep. by Shiner
  13. Octillery, ever being the Beatles fan, awaits for "the Yellow Submarine." Little does it know that it's 40 years too late for it to appear! by Captain Jigglypuff
  14. I'm in my happy place right now. Leave a message after the beep. by Phoenix-Zion
  15. Octillary: I don't wanna go to school, five more minutes. by sunshine188
  16. Octillary: So! Do I get the part of Diglett? Do I do I? Director: Don't call us, we'll call you, Next! by Utack and Swampy
  17. Team Rocket went for a new look for their submarine! by Sappy
  18. Octillery: *Yawn* Just five more minutes. I'm still half asleep *Yawn* by The Librarian
  19. Octillery's magic show didn't go as planned... by Pichu123
  20. Team Rocket's latest submarine wasn't so cool. by