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Brock prepares to rip his shirt off

Submitted by laironlover77

  1. Next time it'll be the pants. by
  2. And suddenly it was a banned episode. by Danatales
  3. Brock: I'm too sexy for this shirt. Too sexy for this shirt. So sexy it hur- Max: Don't you DARE rip you shirt off! This is a kids show! by Captain Jigglypuff
  4. Brock wanted to learn how to be a model. Brock already has four moves. Give up a move so Brock can learn to be a model? by Fpb2014
  5. Brock: BEHOLD! MY 2 CHEST HAIRS! Ash: Uh, I don't see anything. Brock: ... by Lord Arceus
  6. Brock: I am a MAN! Watch me tear this shirt open in a symbol of MANLINESS... damn this fabric is really hard to rip... by Danatales
  7. 4Kids: OK, make it look like there was spider on his chest. by Nightmare Eater
  8. Brock Peparing to "Breed" Pokemon. by chickenchomper
  9. Brock tries to rip off his shirt like they do in movies. All Brock loses is his temper. by Fpb2014
  10. shirt y u no rip by NATHANJSEWALL
  11. Brock: I am a real American; fight for the rights of every man.... by RedFox
  12. Brock: BROCK SMASH! by Nightmare Eater
  13. And here we have Brock trying to make an alien burst from his chest by Danatales
  14. Brock: Try and stop me now 4Kids! by Nightmare Eater
  15. "And every last inch of me's covered in hair!" *Rips shirt off to reveal hair* by
  16. Brock: BEHOLD! MY SEXY CHEST TATTOO! by Angelic Lapras King
  17. And this is what happened when you ask Brock out... by Angelic Lapras King
  18. Brock finally found a woman who wants to go out with him. by Danatales
  19. 'I feel like a MAN!' by Utack and Swampy
  20. Oh you silly people. You and your delusions. Of course Brock isn't going to rip off his shirt. He's going to simply *show* Ash what it means to be manly. by Sizacu