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Never Fear...

Submitted by Angelic Lapras King

  1. Birch: I told ya I aint coming back for no god dam RS REMAKE! NOW GET OFF MA PROPERTY!!! by Angelic Lapras King
  2. Birch: Oh my god, Ash is stuck in a well... ... ... ... I'll get him out in the morning. by Fpb2014
  3. If you say 'so I herd you leik Mudkips' in Birch's presence, he throws you out a window. by Danatales
  4. Every year Professor Birch has to deal with the trainer who came fourth to get their Pokemon. by jagabor
  5. Get out, Ash!! And tell those Advanceshippers to stay away from my daughter! by Odin64
  6. Birch: That's what you get for saying oak is the best professor... by Danatales
  7. That's what happens when you ask Ash to open a window. by Fpb2014
  8. Don't cry for me, Argentina!.... by RedFox
  9. Random Kid: Darn, we broke his window. Second Random Kid: Let's get out of here! Birch: Stop playing baseball near my house! by Fpb2014
  10. This is what happens when you live in Skarmory migration path. by Fpb2014
  11. Ash: Wake up! Birch: It's the middle of the night! Shut up! (Throws alarm clock at Ash) by Fpb2014
  12. Ash: May! I won't go till you come out and see me! Birch: Quit throwing Geodudes at my door! I'm not May! by Fpb2014
  13. Birch: I broke the glass and my fist is not bleeding! by tkt1780
  14. Birch: For the last time, Romeo, Juliette isn't here! Anymore... by IamTheSovereign
  15. dang I thought Silver was just in johto by
  16. Meowths: (Singing) Meowth! Meowth! Meowth! Birch: Shut up you stupid cats! (throws his boot at a Meowth) by Fpb2014
  17. Mario: Where Bowser and the Princess and the lava and dry bones and the spikes and the other stuff!? Birch: This is my house by Fpb2014
  18. In the previous caption, Proffessor Birch killed Pikachu by crushing him to death. Ash threw the dead body through his window. Birch: I didn't mean to! by IamTheSovereign
  19. Birch: COME BACK! I'LL GIVE YOU MORE POKECHOW! Birch's Wife: I'm not a Pokemon! by Fpb2014
  20. That idiot Ash thought my window was a Pokemon so he threw a pokeball at it by