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Self Loathing

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  1. Brock finally went crazy due to all of Crogunk's Poison Jabs. He is currently in a mental institution claiming the frying pan kept aliens from reading his mind. by yukithewhitewolf
  2. Pokemon Before and After: Brock: I'll use the frying pan to cover us from rain! Cilan: It's raining! My frying pan will rust! by Nightmare Eater
  3. Brock: This is the LAST time I trust Ash with the glue. by Lord Arceus
  4. Brock: I'll show Kadabra and his crappy spoon who's boss! by
  5. Brock is learning how to train steel types with a steel pan. by Lord Arceus
  6. Brock: Ha! Your Rain Dance is nothing compared frying pan dance! by
  7. *Warning! Nothing that I can put here would be worse than the actual dialog.* by RedFox
  8. I will be an Alakasm! by Sappy
  9. Brock: Now anyone from above will think I am a spoon. I am a genius! by Sappy
  10. Brock: I think we need to find some shelter to fry off. Ash: What? Brock: Nothing like a little wok in the rain, eh? Ash: Huh? Misty: That's it! Next season, I'm out of here! by RedFox
  11. Brock thought this would be the only meme he'd be a part of. Then he caught a Mudkip. by jagabor
  13. Brock: Hmm...what do I need more than a girlfriend? Ash: A proper umbrella. by
  14. Brock: I'm a steel type! by Fpb2014
  15. Brock: This isn't protecting me at all! :D by Danatales
  16. Ash: Hey Brock... Brock: Yeah? Ash: Aren't we gonna be eating from that...? by SkyForme
  17. Brock: Hey Ash have you seen the latest fashion for trainers, THE PAN HAT. by yukithewhitewolf
  18. Brock: This frying pan is going to protect me from Rain Dance, and next time Crogunk hits me with poison jab, were having frog legs for dinner! Ash: You really need a girlfriend... by BrickBreak
  19. Brock: Misty get back to the kitchen or the frying pan gets it! by Sappy
  20. Brock's Rain Dish healed his health a little bit... by olololololol