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Alex's Grovyle

Submitted by Sebastian Moran

  1. That ending of PMD2 really made an impact on Grovyle. by Danatales
  2. Will you help home this abandoned grass Pokemon of Ash's. All he needs is a box to sleep in, a twig to put in its mouth and a weekly TV role... by Angelic Lapras King
  3. What really happens to Ash's Pokemon once they go to Oak's ranch. by Danatales
  4. Pictured: Grovyle's reaction to his signature move being taken from him by Nuclear butthead
  5. Help stop this tragedy. Call this number today and donate a dollar to help save Grovyles. Call 1-800-ASH-YOU-SUCK today. by Lord Arceus
  6. After hearing Justin Bieber's new song on the radio, Grovyle and everything around him slipped into a coma. by Lord Arceus
  7. When Grovyle learnt of what happens to Ash's Pokemon once he leaves for yet another region... by Angelic Lapras King
  8. There'll be Utack and Swampy and Richard and Blaziken but never Benji and Grovyle... by Skarmory8
  9. Somebody must've mentioned Professor Snivy by jagabor
  10. What being in a pokeball really feels like.... by RedFox
  11. Grovyle learned Emo. It hurt itself.... not in confusion. by RedFox
  12. Grovyle learned the move "Weed Bomb." As of now Pokemon becomes "POTemon." by
  13. Meanwhile, in the interrogation room... Officer: Where'd you hide the drugs? Grovyle: I feel unusually tired... by
  14. Grovyle: Maybe I should've gone with ecstasy instead of heroin... by
  15. All you need to do is donate on Pokedollar a day to save abused pokemon call now. by yukithewhitewolf
  16. How Grovyle got into Jirachi's Doom Desire we'll never know. The one thing that's for sure we never saw it again.... by Captain Jigglypuff
  17. Everyone call 1-800-stop-pokemon-abuse and have Ash arrested by SirBlaziken
  18. That Grovyle took a kick to the nuts. That's why it's hands are there. by
  19. Grovyle: ...NO RS REMAKES? ;____; by Angelic Lapras King
  20. Ash: I guess I should start playing Pokemon Ranch again... by lugia95