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EEW! James!

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  1. James, working on his series of 'Disgusted Pokemon Faces' paintings, uses Meowth as his model by Danatales
  2. Oh dear, seems Meowth got into the catnip again by jagabor
  3. And thus, beans were banned from all future meals. by Radioactive Rainbow
  4. James' obsession with hentai had reached a whole, and absolutely disgusting, new level. by BGY98
  5. Meowth: We've been zapped by Pikachu how many times?! by Umby2000
  6. Meowth: James, put that away, we are not getting arrested for THAT! by Danatales
  7. James:*reciting his poetry* Roses are red, my hair is blue. Meowth:.... by jagabor
  8. James's discovery of RocketShipping led to some questionable content on his drawing pad. by Skarmory8
  9. James: hm, I wonder what Meowth would look like as an anthro... Furry time! by Sizacu
  10. Meowth seemingly caught sight of something he shouldn't have... by Spriter
  11. Meowth: ICKY D: by Danatales
  12. While everyone was looking away, a Jynx blew Meowth a kiss by olololololol
  13. James' doodle pad contained some "questionable" content. by
  14. Mewoth: Hell NO! I will not read your fan fiction about da twerps! by Utack and Swampy
  15. Maths makes Meowth's Brain hurt. by Umby2000
  16. Meowth wasn't reacting to James' doodles but what Jessie was doing... by Umby2000
  17. Meowth: That's supposed to be me?! James: What? You'd look good as a Sneasel... by Umby2000
  18. He's writing the script for a new banned episode. by Lord Arceus
  19. Well, I've always read that Meowths love round objects. So, if you really think about it, he has a good reason to dislike James. by IamTheSovereign
  20. James: I'm gonna draw you as a girl. Meowth: Urg.... by Angelic Lapras King