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Submitted by RachelPiplupLover

  1. May has aged horribly... by Angelic Lapras King
  2. The new female companion to the group came as a surprise to the men... by Angelic Lapras King
  3. Sick of accusations of pandering to the young male audience, the newest director of Pokemon decided to go with a somewhat different female sidekick... by Umby2000
  4. Lombre evolved into Elderly Person! by jagabor
  5. Ash: YOU MEAN THAT'S NOT A POKEMON? D: by Danatales
  6. Ash and friends are astonished when their guide reveals that they are, in fact, not a Lotad. by Danatales
  7. The average Trainer is not prepared for a wild Old Person encounter. by Danatales
  8. Old Woman: This Lotad Leaf is a serious medical condition!! by Umby2000
  9. Looks like Todd Snap caught the gang peeing in the bushes with an elderly Pokemon Fanatic by jagabor
  10. Old woman: You wanna tell me what you're doing behind these bushes with your pants down? by jagabor
  11. 'I used to be a man.' by Utack and Swampy
  12. "Don't you wish your Lotad was hot like me?...." by RedFox
  13. Brock: I shall help you cross the street milady! Lotad lover: I'm a man, bub. All: That's a guy?! by RedFox
  14. Brock's discovery that May and Lotad were in the same egg group led to wrongness incarnate. by Skarmory8
  15. Obviously, they've never seen old people before... by Angelic Lapras King
  16. Old Woman: Who ever smelt it, dealt it. by Umby2000
  17. Pikachu seems to have spotted something even more disturbing in the sky. by Umby2000
  18. The Gang's intolerence to PokeMorphs was palpable. by Umby2000
  19. While the boys masturbate in the bushes, an unexpected guest arrives... by ToonPikachu
  20. Old person: What you've never been to a Anime convention before? by yukithewhitewolf