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Submitted by Angelic Lapras King

  1. Aliens: We are ALIENS! We suck out your brains. Wait a minute... this one doesn't have a brain. by
  2. Ash: YOU... SHALL NOT... PASS!!! by RedFox
  3. Tanglea: OBJECTION! YOU are the criminal! Ash: His objection, it hurts! by spyhunter7
  4. Ash: Oh god I've seen enough things about tentacles on the internet to know where this is going D: by Danatales
  5. ...I wasn't aware Pokemon was THAT kind of anime by jagabor
  6. Tangela: Why on Earth would you superglue your hat on your head? Ash: Stop asking questions and HELP me get it off!!!! by Captain Jigglypuff
  7. After years of rigorous training, Ash had finally mastered the art of summoning noodles with his mind. by Nuclear butthead
  8. That was a sword, before four kids got their hands on the episode. by lugia95
  9. Ash: Oh please not my hat. You can take anything expect that. I understand that you took my Pikachu but not the hat... by
  10. Aipom used Thief. Ash's hat was stolen. by
  11. Ash: THIS IS NON-CONSENTUAL D: by Danatales
  12. After this incident, Ash will never be the same again. by ChronicleStorm
  13. Ash is probably the wimpiest Red Rover player in history. by RedFox
  14. Tanglea: So it was YOU who stole rule 20! by spyhunter7
  15. Ash: Are you sure this won't hurt, Brock? Brock: Not a bit... by
  16. Ash: Haha, now I'm invisible by jagabor
  17. Ash: I'm a firing my laser! by
  18. Tangela: I think you have a fever, Ash... Ash: I feel sick... by AmiEkcona
  19. Misty: OH MY GAWSH! THEY'RE STEALING HIS BRAIN!! Pikachu: Pika pikachu! Brock: And no-one notices the random fountains of water in the background? -.- by hermesguy
  20. The evil color-stealing tentacle strikes again! ..Local witness saw nothing >_ by Utack and Swampy