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Drown, Lotad, Drown!!!

Submitted by Powerforce

  1. Pikachu: Remember kids, they're not dead until they stop struggling! :D by Danatales
  2. Pikachu: where's my money lotad? c: by Danatales
  3. Pikachu: Tag! Yes! Finally, you're the one whose freaking 'it'!!! by Utack and Swampy
  4. Pikachu: Enjoy your new cement SHOES, Lotad! >:D by Captain Jigglypuff
  5. Pikachu: I'm pretending it's Ash! by jagabor
  6. Ash's Pikachu is so stupid, it tried to kill a Lotad by drowning it. by gregguy12
  7. A baba bird bird bird, bird is the word, surfing bird! by SirBlaziken
  8. The PokeMob knows exactly how to get someone to talk. by Danatales
  9. Pikachu: See? See?! I told you I could do a handstand! You owe me 5 dollars!!! by
  10. Out of the way, Lotad! I'm going to be the one the camera catches. by
  11. Pikachu used...Bounce!!!!!!!!! by
  12. uh, pikachu, did you just watch a documentary on ninjas and then eat a bag of sugar? by boogeymandan
  13. Pokemon, gotta drown them all! by jagabor
  14. So that's how the surfing Pikachu does it! by jagabor
  15. I keep flushing but it isn't going down! by zakelias
  16. 1...2...3! Dingdingding! Pikachu wins. by SirBlaziken
  17. Lotad: Fine! I tap out you win. by SirBlaziken
  18. The Pikachu pounces on his prey, eager to bite into it. by
  19. Pikachu jumps into his green tube to stay afloat. by
  20. Wait, you can't, darn. by hoytti