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Nobody feels like looking normal today...

Submitted by SkyForme

  1. Turns out the DMV in the Pokemon universe is just as unexciting to be at. by Danatales
  2. May looks retarded. by
  3. Meanwhile at the Twilight premier.... by RedFox
  4. Pikachu: How long have you been waiting to see the doctor? Old Lady: Since 1950. I was seven then. by Captain Jigglypuff
  5. Everyone but Pikachu is there to be treated for Acute Brockitis. by Danatales
  6. May: Watch this wonderful magic trick! I'm pulling a coin out from my ear!...But... how did it end up there in the first place? Magic! by
  7. May: Told you Ash would lose! by SirBlaziken
  8. Pikachu has been introduced to a "Pokemon Playboy magazine." by
  9. I can see why they ended up in a psychiatric hospital. by
  10. May: WWWWOOOOOBUFFFEETT by jagabor
  11. May is really sort of bad at Simon Says. by Danatales
  12. pikachu: Ok, O spy with my little eye.... Brock: At least you have eyes. by SirBlaziken
  13. This is May's face, right before the full implications of Max's declaration that he's going to follow Brock as his role-model in life sink in. Meanwhile, Pikachu is actually just a highly realistic stuffed toy. The real one, finally realizing that is is completely impossible for Team Rocket to keep surviving his thunderbolts time and time again, went off to investigate, leaving the dummy in his place. Waiting up in the awnings of a nearby shoe store, he waited until a couple of people in conspicuously terrible disguises walked by with a Meowth, and then followed them all the way to Hollywood, hitching a ride in the tree of a migrating giant Torterra and living off of thunderbolt-roasted Wurmple for six weeks. When they arrived in Hollywood, Team Rocket suddenly disappeared, leaving Pikachu scratching his head in confusion. Suddenly, a man dressed in black armor walked through the spot that they had vanished, but when someone yelled "get back here, Darth," he quickly ran back to where he came from, replying, "alright, George, but only if you tell Ford that he can't eat all of the donuts next time!" Curious, Pikachu investigated the strange spot in the scenery, only to find that it opened up into a strange, alternate version of the Hollywood that he was used to. Everything looked so bright, so real, so three-dimensional! Pikachu promptly suffered a massive heart attack from the sheer incomprehensibility of reality in the little yellow rodent's eyes, and is currently recovering at a hospital in Boring, Oregon. At least, that's what the government wants us to think. In reality, Pikachu was kidnapped by a pair of clowns who were actually mafia hitmen disguised as robots disguised as cheerleaders disguised as alien invaders DISGUISED as clowns. And who were they working for? That shoe store in Hoenn, that's who! A shoe store owned by none other than Kermit the Frog, who takes his orders from the guy on the penny, who once was mugged by Santa Claus' army of dyslexic zombies (who sold their souls to Santa), one of whom used to be an accountant in Milwaukee, whose coworker is distantly related, through dubious family links involving time travel, multiple instances of attempted marriage, and quite a few hastily-recalled toaster ovens, to MAX HIMSELF!!! by Chewiana Jones
  14. Pikachu: What's wrong? Brock: We're not gonna be in Season 14 onwards. Max: Except May, who thinks she'll be kept because she's hot... by Angelic Lapras King
  15. Nobody feels like looking normal any day. by
  16. May: Aye, aye, captain! I salute! by
  17. Pikachu: Reverse world: classic. by arcanine35332
  18. Max:See, I told you May had switched places with Pikachu! Brock:Fine... You can have your hundred bucks... by TheBloodRedFox
  19. Brock: What's with her? Max: She found my mom's hidden liqueur stash. May: *hiccup* Chockcooo! by Angelic Lapras King
  20. Max is obviously the brains of the group by yukithewhitewolf