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Psyduck Overboard!!

Submitted by SkyForme

  1. Misty: It's ugly! Throw it away. by
  2. Brock: poor Psyduck, he's too sick to train, so we have to release him into the ocean. Poor little guy Misty: HAHA GOOD RIDDENS YOU USELESS LITTLE -i mean ah yes this is a tragedy. by Danatales
  3. Camera Man: Crap, Pikachu's spotted us. by jagabor
  4. Misty: You can't even drown the correct way! by Angelic Lapras King
  5. This is why you never let Brock go fishing. by SirBlaziken
  6. Who else but Psyduck? by jagabor
  7. Misty: THROW HIM BACK!!! by shinycarp16
  8. If Misty isn't careful, Togepi will be the next to go overboard.... by Captain Jigglypuff
  9. Psyduck: My makeup - it's gone! by
  10. Psyduck: My eyes are stuck! I'll be cross-eyed forever! D: by
  11. That lady on the right doesn't know what's going on but she sure as hell knows she thinks it's stupid by Danatales
  12. Misty: How do you even get your head stuck in one of those?! by SirBlaziken
  13. Ash: Is that... Mirage Island? by
  14. This looks like some sort of cool plan, but in reality they're just throwing Psyduck to some Sharpedos to get rid of him finally. by Danatales
  15. This may be a good way to teach Psyduck how to swim but why are they doing it in the ocean where Tentacool and Tentacruel live? by Captain Jigglypuff
  16. Pikachu is breaking the fourth wall! by SirBlaziken
  17. Misty: We should of just left him there. by hoytti
  18. This was the first Fishing Rod in Pokemon, before the Super Rod, before the Good Rod, before the Old Rod... by
  19. Togepi does the secret wizard mystical incantation dance. by
  20. This is Misty's mouth flying wide open when she's about to throw up from sea sickness. by