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Too cute to battle

Submitted by Angelic Lapras King

  1. Gary: Tag, you're it. by SirBlaziken
  2. That diglett is letting Gary catch it, diglett was probably around Ash too long. by SirBlaziken
  3. He may looks like he's just being nice in catching that Diglett, but in reality he's just bending over so his female fans can catch a glimpse of his perfect butt. by Danatales
  4. Little does Gary know that this is a rare Diglett that knows Self Destruct. by MzLuluZombi
  5. 4kids Person #1: Okay, this episode's as good as banned unless we make the edits! 4kids Person #2: But look at that ass! by
  6. Somewhere in the crowd, there are two Gary fangirls singing Sir Mixalot's Big Butts song at Gary's protruding rear. by
  7. Gary: Ah, my back! Boy, I'm growing old... by
  8. Gary: Sorry about trying to eat you earlier, Diglett. I could've sworn you were an ordinary hotdog sticking out of the ground. Nothing wrong with that, right? by
  9. Crowd: Ooh, he's bending over! by
  10. Gary is the one who's too cute to battle. by
  11. Gary farts in public... Gary: Uh... hehe... excuse me. by
  12. Gary farts in public... *Crowd gasps* Gary: Uh... hehe... my bad. by
  13. From the back, the crowd watches Gary. From the front, Gary is being watched by a crowd of site members. by
  14. Gary wants to show his fans that he cares about Pokemon by carefully and gently returning his Diglett. by
  15. Diglett: Give me a kiss. by
  16. O-Of course I'll catch you Diglett(when people are watching...) by Utack and Swampy
  17. Gary was about to curse Ash for sticking Superglue to his Pokeball when he realised that wasn't the only place he'd stuck it... by Umby2000
  18. Gary: My Pokeball won't open... where's Ash when you need him to make a total fool of himself as a distraction... by Umby2000
  19. Gary meets his worst fangirl. by Cody999
  20. In the Pokemon universe, the rightful king must remove a Pokeball from a stone. It's MUCH harder than you think because the Pokeball is made of solid gold! by Captain Jigglypuff