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Poke pokeflute guy's disturbing song of murder

Submitted by Rubix64

  1. See what big of a difference it makes when the Lorax decides to put on a shirt? by
  2. "You can increase your chances to steal Pikachu if you answer this simple question. WHAT... is my gender?" by MzLuluZombi
  3. The Pied Piper.... OF DEATH! by freddyeddy
  4. James: We must be frozen in time in the 60's. So this is a hippie, huh... by
  5. Man: Why yes. My mother was a Gorgon. Why do you ask? Hello? Helloooooooo? by Captain Jigglypuff
  6. The mistreated slaves Jessie and James have risen from the dead as ghosts to haunt their old slave owner. by
  7. James (to Jessie): Is he from your side of the family? Jessie: That guy looks like an old hippie Kricketune. Eh... no. by
  8. The star-filled, outerspace background suggests Team Rocket has blasted off way too high this time, far into space, and then heaven, where they now have met God. by
  9. James: Are you sure using Meowth as a witch's hat for my Halloween costume was a good idea? And this broom... where's the other end of it? by
  10. James: When the aliens come... my Meowth hat will protect my brain. by
  11. And here we see an old man draining the youth from Team Rocket. by Danatales
  12. Team Rocket: All hail the hypnotic mustache! by
  13. An elderly man shows off his impression salt sculptures. by Danatales
  14. Stranger: I am the great Dumbledore! Jessie & James: Well a first sight I thought you were... HAIRY Potter! *Baddum-tss* by
  15. Hairy man: I've caught the grave robbers. by
  16. Yosemite Sam's lackeys, Jessie and James, always carry big rifles. by
  17. James: If he...uh, what our child might look like, then let's agree to never, ever have intercourse. by
  18. Circus freaks all over the place. by
  19. Jessie: I knew Hell was full of fire, but who would've thought it was blue fire? by
  20. Jessie: We're in outer space, James! So pull that Meowth-style space helmet back over your head! by