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And with this orange I shall RULE THE WORLD!

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  1. Pikachu: I dare you to take it. by Fpb2014
  2. Officer Jenny: It's the notorious fruit thief! Pikachu: Mehehehehe! by
  3. Ash: So you're going to give us the orange if we simply answer your gender? Not fair. The end of your tail is cut off the screen, how will we know?! by
  4. Pikachu: I sense a dark prescence within my crystal ball fruit. by
  5. Pikachu: How dare you insult my orange. by
  6. Ash (looking at this): Ah, the memories. That was the day Pikachu lost his virginity. by
  7. The title of this image should be "Banned episode". by
  8. Pikachu is leaving his baby orange on the front step of the orange-orphanage. by
  9. Pikachu: And with this orange I shall RULE THE WORLD! by
  10. Directions: Use the image above to answer the multiple choice question below. What is Pikachu's favorite food? A. Ketchup. B. Orange. C. Cheese. D. The PKMN.NET Logo. E. Repeat captions. Uh... this is a hard one. by
  11. Pokemon trainers trade Pokemon, but Pokemon trade fruit. by
  12. Pikachu: I like to stroke my pet orange. by
  13. Pikachu, desperate to join the Pokemon police, practices his frisking on an orange. by
  14. Pikachu wanted to find out if an orange would turn blue if someone choked it. by
  15. Pikachu: No, this is my stomach. I'm pregnant. by
  16. 4kids: Looks like intercourse. Well, let's get to work! by
  17. Pikachu: I shall now gaze into my crystal orange, and I will tell your future! by
  18. Pikachu wanted an orange, so Ash got him an orange. Pikachu wanted a bigger orange, so Ash got him a bigger orange. Pikachu wanted a cart to carry his bigger orange, but he didn't get it. by
  19. Pikachu has found out that to get freshly-squeezed orange juice, you don't literally squeeze it like that. by
  20. Ash: I'm so stupid, I have a pet rock! Pikachu: But I have a pet orange. I win. by