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  1. Pikachu smiles in a very psychotic way as he munches on the remains of a human arm. by
  2. Well if Jessie can get away with Purple hair, lets see you fanboys deal with this by Angelic Lapras King
  3. Look Nintendo, in 1 shot you just made a million dollars in Pinkachu plushie sales.... by Angelic Lapras King
  4. So that's where Ash's brains went... by
  5. Pikachu: Ever wonder why Ash has no brains? I'm eating them. by
  6. Pikachu refuses to give up on blowing bubblegum, even though it's blown up in his face and all over his tail. by
  7. Pikachu has always been cool enough for boys to like and cute enough for girls to like. All this gender equality nowadays has evolved Pikachu into Pinkachu. by
  8. Pikachu: Where's the PKMN.NET logo? I ATE IT. by
  9. Pikachu: You want me... to share? What is this 'share'? by
  10. Pikachu: In my hands I hold the world's greatest mystery. Caption Contestants have identified this object as someone's brains, the chewed remains of an arm, makeup, bubblegum, and fruit. But they have all failed to correctly identify exactly what it is that I hold in my paws. Can YOU identify this mystical, magical object of interest? by
  11. Pikachu: This mysterious object that I hold in my hand is actually the top half of a Pokeball filled with lint that came from my trainer's bellybutton. by
  12. Not sure if it's ditto or if togepi decided to prank him by yukithewhitewolf
  13. Pikachu: *Gasps* All these captions... they are simply awful! *shoves fruit into the screen* by
  14. Cosplay Pikachu's latest costume: Pinkachu by
  15. Pikachu: Ah! So that's how you break the FIFTH wall... by
  16. Pikachu: Pika pika by
  17. Pikachu stared a hole through my head. by
  18. Pikachu: I ate your family. Now I will eat you. by
  19. Pikachu (holds candle and prays): I hope that I will soon be freed from the clutches of Ash's stupid mind. by
  20. Selena drugged Pikachu's Poképuffs. by