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Cat got your tounge?

Submitted by Angelic Lapras King

  1. In Diamond and Pearl contests, Team Rocket dressed Meowth up with accessories-- hairballs and anime sweatdrops. by
  2. And legend says, the bottom half of this picture is what got this episode banned. by freddyeddy
  3. Jessie & James: Happy birthday Meowth! Meowth: You got me... a Joltik?! I have arachnophobia for the last time! by
  4. Meowth (Lisping): This tongue piercing hurts! by Captain Jigglypuff
  5. Meowth: Angelic Lapras King misspelled the title of this image and now the Grammar Nazis are coming for me?! James: Oh, they won't get you because they're not Spelling Nazis. by
  6. nfzgnfgfgfgnxnhxghgxffxfgcgthf by
  7. Meowth regrets getting his tongue stud from an unlicensed piercing store. by Danatales
  8. Meowth: Ahh, I shouldn't have been smoking all those years! Now I have black hairy tongue. by
  9. Meowth: Banned from PKMN.NET?! But-! by
  10. Meowth (to Jessie): You killed James out of anger?! M-m-m-m...MURDERER! by
  11. Some people just can't handle their sour candies by Danatales
  12. Meowth: There's a ticking time bomb with wire springs connecting it together, and it's on my tongue! HELP!! by
  13. Meowth: I found my old ball! So it's been lying somewhere for so long. by
  14. Meowth very dramatically upchucked a hairball. So dramatically, in fact, that he stared at it for a while with an unexplainable expression. by
  15. And THIS is why we don't lick the screen. by Vinneh
  16. Meowth sees Jessie naked. Upon sight he cries, screams, and rocks himself back and forth in the corner. by
  17. Meowth: Wait! I'm licking Jessie's- EW! by
  18. The suspense... by
  19. Meowth is surprised at being scolded for not closing his mouth while chewing. by
  20. Meowth: I'm adopted?! by