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An important discussion

Submitted by SkyForme

  1. Brock: Hey, there's "gullible" written on the ceiling. May & Max: Really? by
  2. Max: Hello, Mr. President. Brock: I told you guys I don't like those Brock Obama jokes. by
  3. Brock: Ash's birthday is coming up. Max: Wow, this is a milestone! Will he finally turn eleven years old? by
  4. Brock: Don't worry, Ash is with 4kids, suffering from embarrassing makeovers. We'll be replacing everyone in the Gen 6 anime, I promise. by
  5. Brock: And legend has it, that the ghost of the mistreated PKMN.NET Logo, who wasn't invited to the other captions, still haunts the most recent ones looking for revenge. by
  6. The Memberland spies are discussing their plans against the Modmins. by
  7. May: Okay, rock-paper-scissors, shoot! ... I play paper! Brock: DAMMIT! by
  8. Brock: Simon says... close your eyes! ...Ha, both of you lose. :D by
  9. Brock: Okay gang, "We've got a mystery on our hands!" Max: What in the world...? by
  10. Brock: We shall plot to overthrow the almighty Joeno and become webmasters ourselves. by
  11. 4kids: Something's definitely wrong here... by
  12. May: You're eyes, Brock... They are hypnotic and fascinating. by
  13. Brock: Come on guys. Why are you looking at me like that? Max & May: Your eyes... by
  14. Brock: And if you don't believe him, Slenderman will know, and he'll come for you! by
  15. Brock: Okay, Plan-B. We tie Ash up, throw him in a black van, drive to the Old Chateau, and feed him to the Gastly. Sounds good? by
  16. May: May I... feel your head? by
  17. Brock: AH I CAN'T SEE! by
  18. Brock: Don't even think about it, May. by
  19. Brock is cursed with hypnotic powers... by
  20. Brock: Max, can you move your head? My arm wants some screen time and you've had enough. by