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Submitted by SkyForme

  1. Brock: Perhaps a Misty-Jessie crossbreed wasn't a good idea... by
  2. Brock: Camera man, help! Don't leave me alone with her...! by
  3. Misty: Banned, banned from the site! And now I throw you out. by
  4. Misty (yelling like Loudred): UP AND AT 'EM! IT'S MORNING! by
  5. Misty: Come on, Brock! I know you're hiding the cookies in there! by DarkAura15
  6. Misty: AHA, there you are Waldo! by
  7. So it appears Misty was the one who stole Brock's eyes. She has just stolen his mouth, and it's no coincidence that she continues mugging and threatening him to give up more of his face. by
  8. Misty: FREEZE, this is the police! Or should I say, "It is I, Looker, of the International Police." Brock: Just lock me up already... by
  9. Misty: What happened to that price tag I discovered, like, on the last caption down the list? by
  10. Misty: Who's your daddy? >:D by
  11. Misty: Who's your daddy? >:D Brock: You are... *groan* by
  12. The title of this image isn't really that good at keeping 4kids away... by
  13. Brock: If you're practicing for Hoenn's Master Rank Toughness Contest, you've gone insane! by
  14. Misty: Listen up, lackey! I want you to go on a mission and kill the following people for me: The Name Rater ...Um, and all the people who ruin my chances at winning the Caption Contest! by
  15. Misty: Swab the deck, 'ye scallywag. by
  16. Misty: I'M CROAGUNK'S REPLACEMENT! If you freak out around a lady, I'll beat you bad! >:D by
  17. Misty: I'm going to prove that you stole the PKMN.NET Logo! by
  18. Misty: I'll Seismic Toss your ass! by
  19. Brock: Misty's gone bonkers! Oh wait... No, she's just being herself. *Sigh* by
  20. Brock: Uh... Misty, can you go be a Machop somewhere else? by