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You stole my space...

Submitted by SkyForme

  1. Brock: Well, FINE. If you think Cilan is such a better cook than me then maybe HE can save you the next time you almost get eaten by a Clefable. Ash: That only happened once!! by Umby2000
  2. "You try to overthrow me as the main character ONE MORE TIME and it's the Distortion World for you, pal." by MzLuluZombi
  3. Ash: Brock. are you still mad at me for saying Rock is a dumb type to train? Brock:.... Ash: Well, I mean, it really is. Literally everyone has a Water type on them, Brock. by Danatales
  4. Ash: Cheer up, Brock. Danatales or Angelic Lapras King will probably stand up to Draghost and save us all. by
  5. ...Awkward silence... Ash: So..., how's life? Brock: It sucks. by
  6. When friends fight, who you gonna call? Mr. Rogers! by
  7. Brock: I CAN'T believe Nurse Joy turned down going to dinner with me. Why would she do that? Pikachu: Seriously? You HAVE to ask THAT? by Captain Jigglypuff
  8. Brock: No ladies for a week?! Aww... by
  9. Ash: So that's how he sleeps... by
  10. Brock: So you stole my space, huh?! Well then... I'll steal your TIME! How does that sound? by
  11. B: ... A: ... B: ... A: I'm still not buying you that Rhydon. by Aerial Ace
  12. Someone's territorial... by SirBlaziken
  13. Brock: But I want my DS back! Ash: No, you're grounded. by
  14. Ash: You've been sitting there for eight hours, Brock... quit showing off. ¬.¬ by Umby2000
  15. Brock: Ugh, I can't believe it's my turn to do Ash-duty for a week! Damn it, Misty. by
  16. Ash: I'm warning you, Brock. If you keep sitting like that, 4kids will think your legs are horrifying nubs and it won't be pretty from there. Especially if your legs are showing in between. by
  17. Ash: Geez, I'm sorry. I never thought you hated it when people made fun of your eyes. by
  18. Brock: I hate Time Out! Ash: Then you shouldn't have broken Rule 20. by Christy Weavile
  19. Ash: Brock, you need to sit down and do your homework. Brock: You can't make me! by
  20. Brock: I don't wanna be on this anime anymore... by Aerial Ace