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Psyduck Attack

Submitted by Angelic Lapras King

  1. *Zelda Item Theme* Misty got the Bike! by Angelic Lapras King
  2. Brock: NO!! That Bike's Limited Edition! ... Use Ash instead! by Umby2000
  3. Misty didn't get the Secret Potion from Cynthia, so she'll make Psyduck quit blocking the path the old-fashioned way. by
  4. Brock (trying reverse psychology): No, Misty--please don't leave the show! by
  5. Misty: KILL IT BEFORE IT LAYS EGGS!!! by darkrai494
  6. Ash: I spent all that time and money repairing your bike, and THIS is what you do with it?!! by lugia95
  7. Misty: What do you mean you're replacing me with someone younger?! by Umby2000
  8. This Brock appears to be breakable. Would you like to use Brock Smash? > YES NO Misty used Brock Smash! by
  9. Ash: Hey, that's my bike! Misty: Oh, so NOW you know how I feel! by
  10. Ash: I never knew she was sooo strong...! o.o by
  11. Psyduck: Misty, you're supposed to be raising us Pokémon, not "raising" a bike! by
  12. I don't think we need newer, better characters. There are none more unique than the ones we have here. by
  13. Misty: I WILL throw this bike. Don't try me...! 4 hours later... Misty: Any second now... I'm warning you! by
  14. Psyduck: No, Misty! I have a permanent headache, remember? I don't want a concussion! by
  15. Misty: Marvel at my power! Ash: And it's coming from a girl, too...! by
  16. Misty: The only way to cure your headache... is TO CHOP YOUR HEAD OFF! Psyduck: Wait... what?! by
  17. Cloyster: I'm stuck with a pervert, a raging redhead, a complete and outright idiot, and a mentally ill Water-type. An anime sweatdrop always comes out when I think about it. by
  18. Cloyster tries to prove he's more exhausted than the others by wearing a convincing anime sweatdrop. by
  19. Brock: No, take me instead! by
  20. Director: Alright! Cut!! Bring in the Ash Stunt Doub-... he's off sick? Oh well. ... Roll anyway! Ash: Wait a minute... what?! by Umby2000