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What's missing?

Submitted by Angelic Lapras King

  1. Delia: Something's different about you... Ash: *removes mask* It is I, Looker, of the International Police! by NTN
  2. Delia Ketchum after murdering her husband and leaving the room. She runs into her idiot son, suddenly faced with the task of making up a story to explain where his father went. by NTN
  3. Delia: Something's fishy... Aha! The PKMN.NET Logo's been replaced. I knew it! by NTN
  4. Pikachu: What's Delia hiding? I swear, she keeps moving in the way when I try to look past... by NTN
  5. Delia: Joeno is after me. I stole Rule 20. by NTN
  6. Pikachu: Why in the Pokémon world would she be sucking her thumb as an adult...?! by NTN
  7. Delia shows that stupidity runs in the family. She still sucks her thumb. by NTN
  8. Delia: *reaches to her sleeve, pulls out a knife* I must cut you open and place a brain inside your head. This is for your own good! by NTN
  9. Pikachu: You're 40 and you STILL suck your thumb and pick your nose?! by NTN
  10. Delia:, you look... "different." by NTN
  11. Delia is pretending to be Dr. Evil. by NTN
  12. Delia mimics Dr. Evil's pinky pose. by NTN
  13. Pikachu: SHE is sick in the head... by NTN
  14. What's missing?: A. Mom's nose B. Ash's brain C. The PKMN.NET Logo D. All of the above except B. The answer is...E! Ash's brain never existed! by NTN
  15. Delia: I am... your father. Ash: o_o by NTN
  16. Delia: The PKMN.NET Logo's in the cellar. But don't tell anyone... by NTN
  17. Ash: So, can you tell me how you singlehandedly wiped Dra****t out? Delia: No... never speak that name. by NTN
  18. Delia: I, am Kira. I am the god of this world. by NTN
  19. Delia: This is just a rumor but... but... Pikachu: Yes...? Delia: Rule 20 has been hiding in my closet the entire time! by NTN
  20. Delia: Shhh, don't cry now... your father's never coming back. by NTN