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Submitted by Angelic Lapras King

  1. Even 4kids was too scared to do anything about this. by NTN
  2. What? Your Oshawott is evolving! No, wait, it's just suffocating. Never mind... by NTN
  3. Oshawott tried really hard to break the fourth wall. It broke him instead. by NTN
  4. Oshawott: You're LEAVING me to go to Kalos?!!! Noctowl: He does this to us all. I've been here SO long no one seems to remember me! by Captain Jigglypuff
  5. When the coloring budget ran out, the animators had to make some sacrifices. by Danatales
  6. Tracey's Oshawott sketch peeled off the paper and came to life. by NTN
  7. If Oshawott was so stupid that it looked into the back of a Shedinja, it should be renamed "Ashawott." by NTN
  8. Ash: Who took your soul? Was it Team Rocket?! Tepig: A Shedinja took Oshawott's soul and you're just going to stand around trying to figure it out?! You are mighty stupid! by NTN
  9. Tepig: Do you like my Oshawott origami? by MzLuluZombi
  10. Never let your kids doodle on the Pokémon episode storyboard. by Hitmonchu
  11. Cilan: How do you like my masterpiece paper mache Oshawott?!?! Ash: I can never sleep again. by NTN
  12. Ash: Hold it right there, PKMN.NET Logo-thieving Oshawott! We've caught you red-handed, uh...white-handed! by NTN
  13. Oshawott: Rule 20 is scarier than I thought. by NTN
  14. Hey, Oshawott, guess what! Grass types. by NTN
  15. The animators learn that Zen Mode Oshawott is a terrible idea... by NTN
  16. Michael Myers meets the Pokémon world... by NTN
  17. Oshawott has been possessed by the ghost of Draghost. by NTN
  18. Oshawott: You're choosing SNIVY as your starter instead of ME...?! by NTN
  19. Oshawott is scared of Rule 20, but it's heartbroken when it decides to leave. by
  20. Cilan: What do you think of my origami Oshawott? by