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I should've picked the Mudkip...

Submitted by Utack and Swampy

  1. Sceptile's fallen and he can't get up! Looks like he needs Life Alert! by freddyeddy
  2. The main reason why Ash can never win a pokemon league. by SirBlaziken
  3. Ash: Hey, get up you useless thing! Sceptile: I have Truant. Ash: Ohhhh, ok. by NTN
  4. Sceptile is dreaming of his days before he met Ash Ketchum. by NTN
  5. Ash: SCEPTILE COME ON IT'S TIME TO BATTLE Sceptile: shh the grass is speaking to me Ash: SCEPTILE!!! Sceptile: the grass says you're a nerd lol by Danatales
  6. Ash: I said use FEINT!! Not Faint! by freddyeddy
  7. Ash: This is no time to reenact the ending to Godzilla 1998! by Angelic Lapras King
  8. Ash: Its okay, Flappy Bird got taken down Serpitile, you can play on my iPhone again! by Angelic Lapras King
  9. Winners Don't Use Rare Candies by Angelic Lapras King
  10. Sceptile: I can hear the grass growing.... by Captain Jigglypuff
  11. Ash: Get up, Sceptile! This is the Pokemon League! Sceptile: You always lose anyway so... why bother? by NTN
  12. *Cursor selects Leaf Blade* Sceptile is not obeying orders. Sceptile takes a nap! Payer: @#; by Captain Jigglypuff
  13. Pokemon league fail. by SirBlaziken
  14. Dunsparce could do better than that! by DrRedLobster
  15. Ash: Don't tell you reseted to Lv 1 at a time like this?!? by Angelic Lapras King
  16. Ashe: HEY, get up! Sceptile: Zzzz -snooze- Ashe: Should have left him as Grovyle..... by Ahzeron
  17. Ashe:Swampy? Who the hell names their Swampert Swampy? What the hell May? AND SINCE WHEN COULD SWAMPERT LEARN ICE BEAM! by Ahzeron
  18. This is what happens when you miss with body slam. by Cody999
  19. what you dont see is the lickitung right behind him goin to town by gigabite244
  20. Sceptile: The crowd is cheering. They want this ass. by NTN