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Trust in Oshawott, young Ash...

Submitted by Utack and Swampy

  1. That's one huge smoke cloud Oshawott's smoking! by freddyeddy
  2. You are getting sleeeepy... by freddyeddy
  3. I now knight thee... Sir Bad Trainer! by freddyeddy
  4. Learn to battle you should. Only then, win the league you will. by
  5. Pikachu: We REALLY should do something about Oshawott's sleepwalking.... by Captain Jigglypuff
  6. Oshawott: Ash, now isn't the time and place to use that. by freddyeddy
  7. Oshawott: And since I have YOU as my trainer, I shall do the honorable thing and commit hari kiri with my scalchop.... Ash: That's ni- Wait. WHAT?! by Captain Jigglypuff
  8. Oshawott: Why can't you let me go and "promise" to come back for me and not keep that promise like you did to Pidgeot? by Captain Jigglypuff
  9. my tormentor we meet again let me end this. I will jump off this cliff and you can never hurt me again... Ash: Thats only a few feet from the ground.. by DrHmm
  10. Oshawott learning meditate? That's illegal! by SirBlaziken
  11. Oshawott: I will now read Ash's mi- oh wait, that doesn't exist. by SirBlaziken
  12. Oshawott used his mind and just set the forest ablaze. by SirBlaziken
  13. Turns out the Wise Old Man on top of the mountain was really a Wise Old Sea Otter by Danatales
  14. One of those clouds looks like a bear trying to eat the tree. by SirBlaziken
  15. Pikachu: I think my earring is too big.... by Captain Jigglypuff
  16. Oshawott: Alright, I'll just sit on this rock until you return for me. Ash: What? I never told you to... Oshawott: No, no, I'm not worried you're going to abandon me and I'll get taken in by a much better trainer. You just go do... whatever it is you were going to do, and I'm sure I'll still be here when you get back! by Utack and Swampy
  17. I didn't know Oshawott could use air slash. by SirBlaziken