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erm, what is James doing?

Submitted by Angelic Lapras King

  1. Jesse and James: This isn't even our final form! by freddyeddy
  2. James is evolving! ... ... ... ... ... James just evolved into... Jessie?!! Ok. This is weird. Even for THIS game.... by Captain Jigglypuff
  3. Magikarp: Swiggity Swooty, look at dat booty! by freddyeddy
  4. Jessie's James suit was working pretty well until the Giant Magikarp came along. Knowing James' history with Magikarp, let's just say things ended very badly.... by Captain Jigglypuff
  5. Meowth: Your imitation of a Zweilous gets a solid D-. by Torterra118
  7. Gymnastics on a giant magikarp? Seems legit.... by SirBlaziken
  8. Jessie and James merge into their True Form by Danatales
  9. I don't know where to start describing this picture. by freddyeddy
  10. Jesse and James: FUSION!! OH GOD WHAT HAPPENED!? by freddyeddy
  11. wow i knew team rocket was bad but i never though they would get that ugly a doduo! by DrHmm
  12. Looker from the international police going through his disguises by DrHmm
  13. Meoth: Wii fit Yoga? by BananaMan
  14. Meowth: I think what they meant by "it takes two to tango" wasn't two heads... by Torterra118
  15. Meowth: Dang son,you should get that checked out by a doctor. by drysc
  16. Magicarp: DAFUQ IS THAT? by drysc
  17. James just broke EVERY bone in his body at the same time! by Cody999
  18. Well now we know, NEVER give James wii fit yoga for a present... by Master Porygon
  19. James: MY LEG'S STUCK IN THE AIR!!! by Swordterranean40MikeyL
  20. The Hokey Pokey. by ShinxsIntimidate