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But the Krabby stole my computer!.

Submitted by Furret_Fan

  1. *At School the next day* Teacher: Where's your report? Kid: My Krabby stole my computer. Teach: It's an F and two months of dentention for you and your lame excuse! by Captain Jigglypuff
  2. Krabby: You want to put ME into you Pokemon Bank? Honey I AM the Bank! by Captain Jigglypuff
  3. When Ash put Krabby in the PC, this wasn't what he intended. by freddyeddy
  4. this is why krabby doesn't have the pickup ability. by yukithewhitewolf
  5. One thing is for sure. If Krabby tries to pawn that outdated thing, it ain't getting very much for it! by Captain Jigglypuff
  6. You STILL use THIS thing?! What is this? 1980???? by Captain Jigglypuff
  7. Guys! We gotta make Pokemon memes! by JINZO number 8
  8. Krabby: now found with the ability Magnet Pull and the move Thief on Route 404. by legoliz
  9. So that's what happened to the first apple....... by SirBlaziken
  10. Well.... now we know the dog didn't eat his homework. by SirBlaziken
  11. So krabby's new ability is magnet pull? by SirBlaziken
  12. By steal the PC, Krabby was actually doing the Pokemon Center a favor.... by Captain Jigglypuff
  13. Wait! We're not cavemen! We have technology! by JINZO number 8
  14. Dispenser goin' up! by JINZO number 8
  15. Krabby: Yeah let's see you shove me into the PC again you little toolbag by Danatales
  16. Silly Krabby, you don't evolve by being traded. by SirBlaziken
  17. Krabby: Taking percussive maintenance since 1996. by SirBlaziken
  18. The true mastermind behind the Chinese hackers. by SirBlaziken
  19. Mega Krabby confirmed! by SirBlaziken
  20. Krabby: Nothing to see here folks, move along. by SirBlaziken