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Suicune is evolving!

Submitted by Furret_Fan

  2. What? Suicune is evolving! Congratulations! Your Suicune evolved into... a cloud of fairy dust? You pressed the B-button, didn't you? Of course you did... by
  3. Error 404: Suicune.jpg not found. by JINZO number 8
  4. I knew I shouldn't have eaten those mushrooms... by JINZO number 8
  5. Eusine: I have found you...SUICUNE!!! *Eusine tackles Suicune* Morty: *sigh* I dress up as a Suicune for Halloween and THIS is what I have to endure. by
  6. Ever wondered why the game won't let you use stones on random Pokemon? Well... by Kid1cat
  7. Suicune used Camouflage. It failed. by
  8. Ash: We've got to catch it before it starts farting rainbows. by
  9. That Suicune is a bloody spy! by JINZO number 8
  10. If you look very closely, you will see he only has 3 legs. by JINZO number 8
  11. Eusine: If we dress you up as an attractive female Suicune in a sexy glitter jumpsuit, we can lure the real Suicune out. Morty: *sigh* There's no such thing as a female Suicune, Eusine. Eusine: Silence! by
  12. It evolved into..... Entei?! by SirBlaziken
  13. The Mega Evolutions keep getting less and less creative. by
  14. Suicune: I AM MUFASA! by
  16. Oktoberfest! by JINZO number 8
  17. Suicune: I have coated myself in blue fire so that the next time the idiot Ash tries to ride me, he will be burned alive. by
  18. Ash: We've got to catch it before it starts farting out rainbows. by
  19. Eusine: You see! Proof that Suicune DOES exist. Morty: Yeah right, that picture is airbrushed. by
  20. Who disturbs my slumber? by JINZO number 8