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May's being attacked by a leaf!

Submitted by Sappy

  1. Lotad: So how old are you? May: 15. Lotad: 18? Nice. May: Mom! Lotad: I like where this is going. by
  2. Max: I smell another banned episode... by Angelic Lapras King
  3. PokéDex: Lotad, the perving pokémon... by The Librarian
  4. Max: I like your butt May, while you're freaking over a lotad I'm looking at it... by Sappy
  5. May: AHHHH OH MY GAWD!!!! Max: Wait is that rule 20? by Kuranai
  6. May: Max, for the last time, stop putting your shirt in with my bandana! THEY'RE NOT COLOURFAST! by The Hitcher™ - Because You're Worth It
  7. May: OMG DONT LOOK AT ME IM NAKEED Max: *Turns away* Lotad: *Stares at* May:*Kicks Lotad Away* by Poison2008
  8. May: I don't like the new chair. It justmoved, and now it's looking at me... by Ten Silver Spoons
  9. Unfortunatly, our testers of our new product "The Lodad chair" kept giving negative feedback. by laironlover77
  10. Just as May was about to enjoy a lovely morning dip in the lake, an ashtray, long forgotten, rose from the depths, begging for one last cigarette to be smothered on it before drifting to the afterlife. Forutnately, Max is an avid chain smoker. by
  11. Lotad:Im wanting you May! May:EEEK! Max:Is that a boy or girl Lotad? by The Entertainer
  12. Lotad:Im wanting you May! May:EEEK! Max:Dont you want me instead? by The Entertainer
  13. May: I'm not going in that pool! by laironlover77
  14. AArg! What? This is max and me's special moment, go away!!! by Dr Octillery
  15. Lotad:Im wanting you May! May:EEEK! Max:Dont you want me intead? by The Entertainer
  16. Lotad: GIVE ME YOUR TACOS... May: It's a Rabeez stricken lotad!!! Oh my Gosh!! Max: Nah, I only got twinkies. by
  17. May: ooh ah! I have leafaphobia max:it's called a lotad. may:i know. lotads are leaves by RachelPiplupLover
  18. The mad attack of leaves continued today, as experianced by Mey May: They spelt my name wrong! by French Salamence
  19. may: what is that lotad doing? lotad: looooo! max: i think it wants to eat my glasses! may: eeuuughh! by pochama-chan
  20. May: I'm sorry! I thought you were a- Max: Don't make us all relive it... by