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Go, Scott, go!

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  1. Scott: HI, I'M SCOTT!! Tired of wasting money on your car insurance!? I can get you financed for little to no money down! Just call 555-5555-8555-55-Scott-Car-Yes! by The Macintosh Ninja: SOH CAH TOA
  2. "Hey, Barbie. Wanna go for a ride?" by
  3. Scott: *japanese gibberish* Ash: Don't tell me I walked in the wrong studio again! by Extra PKMN Power!
  4. Sunglasses: $5 Hawian shirt: $10 Fancy red car: $30,000 Being able to make Ash look bad infront of May...Priceless... by Utack and Swampy
  5. Scott: Remember children, don't drink and drive. Or else you'll end up like me, a stalker of Pokemon Trainers with absolutely no life. by Gridbug
  6. Scott: Proffesor oak wouldn't give me a starter Pokemon, so I got one myself. Meet Handy, my pet arm. by laironlover77
  7. Oh, Scott's hair has two bidoofs. by
  8. "I just saved a huge amount on my car insurence!" by
  9. Hey, I just wanted to ask if you had any beer! by Zapink the Electrike
  10. Scott: And a hand... Ash: I think I know what a hand is! I wanted battling tips! by RachelPiplupLover
  11. Scott: hey, who engraved the PKMN.NET logo on my new car? by laironlover77
  12. The name is Searcher. Scott Seacher. I like 'em tough. I like 'em to show respect. *drives off* ... *hits an old lady* by Shaymin
  13. Scott: Why yes, I did get ths car from PKMN.NET motors. They really are quite good there. by laironlover77
  14. In Pokemon world, people don't just key your car. They engrave forum addresses on them. by laironlover77
  15. This is what you get if you work at McDonalds' drive thru. by Catstorm
  16. Scott: Sorry Ash, I'm a Fireman now. =D by Umby2000
  17. Scott: Hey, sweet thing, want a ride? Ash: O.O Not really... Scott:... Damn these super-dark glasses... by laironlover77
  18. Scott: Hi, this is the new station of Sinnoh Now! The last freaky presenter died in a car crash like this! *Drives into a wall* by PokeSurfer
  19. Having failed to pick up his date, Scott engages in conversation with his hand... ...again. by
  20. "Don't forget to look for my brief cameo in 'Pokémon: Advanced Battle!'" by