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Submitted by Sappy

  1. Oak: YOU SUNK MY BATTLESHIP!! by The Librarian
  2. Oak: Argh! Pikachu: You hit him with a chair?!? Ash: He keeps talking about Pokemon... I just don't care anymore DAMIT!!! by
  3. Oak: Aw Crap. I double posted and got banned D: Ash: Gutted! XD Pikachu: ... What's PUK? O.o by Shaymin
  4. Ash: "Eh? Whats this? "Logged in as Joeno"?! PROFESSOR OAK! YOU'RE JOENO?!" Oak: NooooooooooOOOOOOOOOooooooooooOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooo!!!" by Caldoran
  5. Prof. Oak is introduced to pop music. by
  6. Oak: Damn, my online date dumped me! by Sappy
  7. Oak: Damn it Ash! I told you not to push the big red button! Now we're all gonna die! by laironlover77
  8. While Brock's attempts at karaoke entranced Pikachu, Prof Oak was less than impressed. by Dandelion
  9. Ash: Oak, have you been watching Electric Soilder Porygon again? by Angelic Lapras King
  10. Professor Oak loses his #1 spot in the Trivia rankings. by Dragonpika
  11. Oak: Now if I can just get my head to pop off.... *Pulls* Ash: Yeah you do that... by
  12. Oak: Argh! Joeno disabled my signature! by The Librarian
  13. Oak: Thank you for this new hair gel Ash! Ash: Thats not hair gel, its super glue. Oak:...what? by Angelic Lapras King
  14. Oak: Ash, you moron! I can't believe you let that Mew go! by laironlover77
  15. Professor Oak was shocked to find out that what he really got upto in PokeCollege made it onto the Internet. by f3raligatr
  16. Oak: I already Sent an Error report! Why won't you just work!? by Neon Nocturnal
  17. Professor Oak was gutted to find out that Phil won Pokemole yet again. by f3raligatr
  18. Oak: GET OUT OF MY HOUSE!!! by No78
  19. Oak: Oh no! I just got banned for using inapropriate language. Ash: Wow! I never knew you used words like that. Oak: But I was just about to hit my 75th post. Pikachu: Who cares if you got banned the roof is going to fall on us! by Liam
  20. Pikachu: Pika? Ash: Prof. Oak...You got banned for stealing Rule 20? Prof. Oak: Gaaaaaaah!!! by Utack and Swampy