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Caption Contest | Clever tagline here
What? A Caption Contest?

What is it?

As you all know, we, the people who run this website, are incredibly funny people, who enjoy sharing their wit with everyone - after all, a shared groan is better than a lonely groan, or that's at least what we're always being told.
Because of this, we are always looking for new ways to allow you, the member of this wincingly witty site, to share your jokes and puns with us. Since everyone knows that giving laughable captions to humorous images is the best way to do so, that is what we have implemented.

Right... So how does it work?

Really simple. Basically, each caption can be followed through a number of steps:
So what do we get from it?

Everlasting fame! Your name as credit on the caption. Oh, and we'll give you some cards too. Greedy buggers.

I have submitted a caption, but it didn't show up!
The list of captions for rating has changed!

Don't worry, your captions have still been saved. The list of captions at the bottom are twenty random captions that you have not rated. These do not include your own captions, as you are not allowed to rate those (you'd be biased!). You can rate to judge which ones the PKMN.NET public likes.