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Characters: Ash's Pikachu

The basics
Gender: Unknown
Category: Longterm Pokemon
First Episode: Pokémon - I Choose You!

Ash's Pikachu

Ash's Pikachu's Pokémon

Appears from Pokémon - I Choose You!

Episode appearances

Pokémon - I Choose You!

Pokémon Emergency

Ash Catches a Pokémon

Challenge of the Samurai

Showdown at Pewter City

Steeling Peace of Mind!

Clefairy and the Moon Stone

The Water Flowers of Cerulean City

The Path to the Pokémon League

The School of Hard Knocks

Bulbasaur and the Hidden Village

Charmander - The Stray Pokémon

Here Comes the Squirtle Squad

Mystery at the Lighthouse

Electric Shock Showdown

Battle Aboard the St. Anne

Pokémon Shipwreck

Island of the Giant Pokémon!

Tentacool & Tentacruel

The Ghost of Maiden's Peak


Game Appearances

No game appearances logged

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