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Characters: Lisa

The basics
Gender: Female
Category: Miscellaneous Characters
First Episode: Spell of the Unown


She lives near Greenfield and is a strong trainer. She meets Ash in the 3rd Pokemon movie and gives him a match, she drew with Ash but almost lost. Her Quagsire managed to draw with his Pikachu: because of its dual water and ground types, it managed to withstand Pikachu's electric attacks, Pikachu used a Headbutt instead and managed to take the match from lost to draw.

She appeared once in one film, Spell of the Unown, and in none in the episodes.

She was very kind and gave Ash her Pok├ęgear when he went into the tower created by the Unown. Prof. Oak contacted Ash through the Pok├ęgear and told him to go back, but she backed Ash up by telling Prof. Oak "He's trying to save his mom."

Description by Psythor.

Lisa's Pokémon

Appears from The Power of One

Appears from Spell of the Unown

Appears from Spell of the Unown

Appears from Spell of the Unown

Appears from Spell of the Unown

Appears from Spell of the Unown

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