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Characters: James' Weezing

The basics
Gender: Unknown
Category: Longterm Pokemon
First Episode: Pokémon Emergency

James' Weezing

Originally seen as Ekans

Description by Joeno.

James' Weezing's Pokémon

Appears from Pokémon Emergency

Episode appearances

Pokémon Emergency

Dig Those Diglett!
First appearance, evolves in this episode

The Ninja Poké-Showdown

The Flame Pokémon-athon!

Ditto's Mysterious Mansion

The Battling Eevee Brothers

Wake Up Snorlax!

Showdown at Dark City

March of the Exeggutor Squad

The Problem with Paras

The Song of Jigglypuff

Attack of the Prehistoric Pokémon

A Chansey Operation

Game Appearances

No game appearances logged

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