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Characters: Giovanni's Secretary

The basics
Gender: Female
Category: Team Rocket
First Episode: Memories Are Made Of Bliss
Japanese Voice Actor: Kiyomi Asai
English Voice Actor: Emily Jenness

Giovanni's Secretary

Giovanni's Secretary first appears in Memories Are Made Of Bliss, where she sends a Delibird to deliver a message to Jessie, James and Meowth.

She has begun to make semi-frequent appearances since the anime has shifted location to Unova.

She has the distinction of being the final new character introduced in the Diamond & Pearl seasons.

Description by Mulholland.

Giovanni's Secretary's Pokémon

No owned Pokémon seen or known

Episode appearances

In The Shadow of Zekrom!

Enter Iris and Axew!

The Battle Club and Tepig's Choice

Dreams by the Yard Full

Snivy Plays Hard To Catch!

Battling For The Love of Bug-Types!

Game Appearances

No game appearances logged

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