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Characters: Ritchie

The basics
Gender: Male
Category: Significant Others
First Episode: A Friend In Deed


Richie, from Kanto, met Ash at the Indigo League. After foiling a Team Rocket scam to steal all the competitors Pokemon, they became firm friends. Later that day they discovered they would have to battle each other in the fifth round. Ash lost the match, mainly due to Charizard disobeying, and moped around after that. However, Richie lost in the following round. They made up later and went their seperate ways.

A few years later Ash and co. met Richie again, in the Whirl Islands, Johto. After catching up they uncovered a Team Rocket plot to steal the legendary Lugia, whom Ash had already seen once in the Orange Islands.

A few months later Richie pays a visit to Prof. Oak's to see him. He ends up helping Tracy to foil a Team Rocket plot to kidnap the Professor. He then decides to follow in Ash's footsteps and head for the Hoenn league. A dedicated trainer, Richie gives all his Pokemon names and thought up the idea of painting special markings his Pokeballs so he knows which ones are his.

Ritchie's Pokémon

Appears from A Friend In Deed

Appears between A Friend In Deed and A Parent Trapped!

Appears from A Friend In Deed

Appears from The Mystery Is History

Appears from A Parent Trapped!

Appears from Oaknapped

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Nectaria on Wed 19 Oct 2011 18:43:59 UTC.
He is one of my favorite characters. Damn you, Ritchie haters.