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Characters: Danny

The basics
Gender: Male
Category: Gym Leaders
First Episode: Navel Maneuvers


Ash, Misty and Tracey met Danny on their way to the Navel Island gym. They assumed he was another trainer looking for the gym and travelled with him. He helped Ash to the top of a mountain trainers are meant to climb. When he and Ash reached the top Danny revealed himself as the gym leader. In his gym trainers have to complete two out of three challenges. Misty appeared to have a crush on Danny, which left Ash more confused than usual.

Danny's Pokémon

Appears from Navel Maneuvers

Appears from Navel Maneuvers

Appears from Navel Maneuvers

Appears from Navel Maneuvers

Appears from Navel Maneuvers

Episode appearances

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Game Appearances

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