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Characters: Bugsy

The basics
Gender: Male
Category: Gym Leaders
First Episode: Gettin' the Bugs Out


Bugsy is the male gym leader of Azalea Town. He practically has a gym in a forest and is a lot like Erika in that he keeps lots of bug Pokemon in his gym. He has lots of underlings but never used them in the animé.

He appeared once in all the the episodes, in Gettin' the Bugs Out

Ash's Cyndaquil only won when it jumped on his Scyther's head to attack it, it needed to do that because Scyther's agility was getting too quick for Cyndaquil. His Metapod was tough but not exactly much of a challenge to Ash. Also his Spinarak was fairly strong but was average compared to Ash.

Bugsy's Pokémon

Appears from Gettin' the Bugs Out

Appears from Gettin' the Bugs Out

Appears from Gettin' the Bugs Out

Episode appearances

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Game Appearances

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